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On3: Facing growing demand amidst skilled-labor shortages, U.S. home builders turn to innovation, AI Field Learning.

MADISON, Wis.March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — International Builders’ Show (IBSx) – High-demand for new homes as the supply of skilled labor continues to plummet is prompting U.S. home building companies, trade partners, and suppliers to amp-up training of unskilled workers. 

Training and creating skilled trades can shorten cycle time which has a direct correlation to reduced construction costs.  New technology developed for this purpose was introduced at the “virtual” 2021 International Builders’ Show February 9-12. On3® Field Learning TM was among six start-up companies to receive “Best of IBSx Awards 2021 – Most Innovative Start-up” from the NAHB.

“On3 will teach anyone how home building should be done, regardless of experience,” says On3 president, Keith Anderson.

He would know. NVR, Inc. is the fourth-largest home builder in the U.S., and parent company to Ryan Homes, NVHomes, and Heartland Homes.  Anderson had recently retired as NVR’s executive vice president of operations when he first heard about “a startup that was building a mobile app to train unskilled hires on the job.”  A few months later, Anderson was on board.

“It’s amazing to be part of something new that will change the construction industry.”

On3® Field Learning is an employee training app designed for competency development and accelerated field-readiness in the home building trades. At present, On3’s course library offers more than 1,200+ learning modules and will soon add 200+ courses for new-home construction.

What makes On3 a powerful tool is the efficiency in which employees develop new job skills.  The pace of a learner’s “journey” is self-driven, however, guided by a sophisticated AI-based competency framework.

Learners use personal smartphones to complete short learning modules in the field.  On3’s mobile-first platform provides an intuitive interface compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. Nearly every new hire comes with a smartphone and brings adequate expertise to use the tool.

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On3® Field LearningTM is an employee development system, built on an AI-based competency framework specifically designed to accelerate job-readiness in the skilled trades. Courses are delivered mobile-first to the field as microlearning modules and on-site practice tasks.

On3® is learner-adaptive, ensuring individuals never get lost, discouraged or bored. Everyone advances at the “right” pace, development is not throttled.

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